“Circular Economy” methodology is on the verge

The idea of circular economy is that raw materials should stay in circulation in the economy instead of the one-way material flows that are so typical to our economic reality nowadays that transforms the planet’s natural resources to waste at a continous and ever-increasing rate.

Creating a circular economy does not only lead to a better global resource management but also greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions through the avoided use of fossil fuels. That is because reusing or recycling materials usually needs less energy than to extract similar but virgin raw materials. Unsurprisingly, circular economy became a buzzword of the EU’s 2014-2020 management plan.

CSG Working Group started to work together with Copenhagen Resource Institute (CRI) on a Circular Economy methodology that addresses the potential greenhouse gas emission reductions of improved waste management practices with life-cycle thinking. Such projects could be for example municipal solid waste sorting and recycling activities.