CSG Standard version 1.1 released

The CSG Working Group in cooperation with the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) has been revised the text of CSG Standard based on the recently received feedbacks and challenges experienced over the last few months. The revision resulted a more transparent, better structured and more precisely worded document which helps every interested parties to get a clearer picture on the requirements, rights and responsibilities:

  • definitions are streamlined and updated in many cases. For example the meaning of “monitoring”, “global warming potential” are modified, in the latter case referencing the fourth report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
  • The “Verifier requirements” document, that has been a separate text from the Standard until now, is intergrated into the main Standard text.
  • The possibility to pre-sale the credits before verification has been abolished, as the TAP and the Working Group both agreed that it might undermine the trustfulness of the Standard. It also means that all references to “Pending Issuance Units” or “PIU”s have been removed from the text.
  • the Hungarian translation of the Standard has been updated in order to avoid conflicting meanings of definitions set by the Hungarian National Accreditation Board.