Fénykör Solar Power Project, Hungary

The Fénykör (in English: Circle of Light) Solar Power Project connects solar PV systems already installed or under development on more than 100 sites in dozens of settlements in Hungary as a kind of virtual power plant, with the pronounced aim to change people’s attitudes in favour of sustainability.

This is achieved through programs that are mainly aimed at children and young adults, but are very effective in reaching people of all ages directly or indirectly as well. Energy Factory is a series of interactive competitions held by Fénykör in elementary and high schools every year. The competitions aim to use unique ideas students come up with to raise awareness in more and more people of the importance of sustainability and the use of renewable energy sources. Within the framework of the Solar Power Household Program, engineers present the applicability and efficiency of solar systems using everyday tools and examples, while Sun Quiz is a sustainability quiz game specifically designed for families.

Therefore, the Fénykör project is a community whose members (called Fénypont) do not only use renewable energy in their everyday activities, but are also active in their local community helping create a sustainable way of life. The Fénykör project uses a minimum of 70% of its revenues from carbon credits to further raise awareness and support environmental protection.

Documents available:

Project Data Sheet for Solar Power Project in Hungary

Project Design Document for Fénykör Solar Power Project in Hungary

Project Validation Statement

Verification Report