Reforestation and Afforestation” methodology is on the verge

New methodology is on the verge of completion under the CSG Standard framework called Methodology for Reforestation and Afforestation.

The terms of reforestation and afforestation are similar and mean establishing forests growth on areas that either had forests in the past but were deforested or lacked it.
This process is essential in terms of climate protection and mitigation of the greenhouse gases concentration in the atmosphere. Trees capture carbon dioxide by taking it into their cells through photosynthesis and then they store the carbon in their bodies.

At the end of this September CSG Working Group started to work together with Janika Laht, Climate Professional from Estonia on a methodology that addresses the potential greenhouse gas emission reduction of reforestation and afforestation. Such projects could be potentially started in Romania where deforestation and the lack of natural forests cause huge environmental and climate problems.