II. Rákóczi Ferenc Katolikus Szakközépiskola, Informatika Épület

Verification of our “Fénykör” project has been started

Our “Fénykör” project that we have been working on for more than one year finally reached verification phase. That’s great news as the audit is the very last step before credits can be issued.

The Fénykör (in English: Circle of Light) Solar Power Project connects solar PV systems already installed or under development on more than 100 sites in dozens of settlements in Hungary as a kind of virtual power plant, that delivers an expected 5000 ton CO2e greenhouse gas emission reductions through replacing electricity generated by the conventional fossil fuel power plants.

The project design document or shortly the PDD describes the initial 30 sites that are now randomly selected and checked by the third-party auditor in order to validate the supplied data and also to see whether the project complies with the CSG Standard rules.

In the next few years the project is expected to grow as more sites will join and so will grow the number of credits that can be issued. Obvoiusly, credits can be issued from these new sites only after similar verification during the monitoring process.